The 7 things you didn’t know about buying from a high street brands outlet

The 7 things you didn’t know about buying from a high street brands outlet - Quality Brands Outlet
Buying from a high street brands outlet

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when you see your online basket filled with discounted goodies well below their original retail price. 

It tends to be a one-off - you see your favourite brand has an end of season sale or is running a special offer day, but what if we could let you in on a secret? 

Buying from a high street brands outlet (just like us!) could save you up to 70% every day on your must-have items. With hundreds of seasonal items on sale across a variety of brands, outlets have been the fashion bargain hunter’s best friend for years - and now it can be yours too. 

Quality you trust, for less - that’s our promise to you. Shop the brands you know and love without the price tag. From Hobbs and Jigsaw to Mint Velvet and Reiss, there’s something to suit everyone’s unique style. 

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Make major savings

There’s nothing quite like finding a piece of clothing in the sale. Perhaps you pop by your favourite shop and they have a 20% sale on, it couldn’t get any better right? Wrong! Buying from a high street brands outlet, you can make major savings on a daily basis. 

These aren’t just your standard 10-20% discounts, but up to 70% on every single item - even if you are purchasing just one! Our customers love to find a bargain and we look forward to packaging away each item, ready for its new home.

With hundreds of thousands of garments created within the fashion industry even minute, we love seeing our shoppers bag a discount and save items that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Stay on-trend, make major discounts and help the environment too! It’s a win-win. 

Share your bargain wins with friends

So, you might be aware of the savings you could make but, did you know one of the best parts of buying from a high street brands outlet is sharing your savings with friends? 

It can be a thrill to let your friends in on your latest fashion find - why not wear it to your next social event and surprise them on just how little it cost you! And, once you let them in on the secret, you’ll be able to share your latest discoveries together - as long as you don’t end up matching! 

Wear clothes from brands you wouldn’t usually buy from 

When shopping in-store, you tend to only enter into those you know and love. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does limit your opportunity to find a hidden gem. Of course, online shopping can open up your options but, you may still avoid certain brands.

When you’re buying from a high street brands outlet, you’ll have your pick from fashion names you may not have considered - or even heard of! Famous high street labels such as Hobbs, White Stuff and Fatface can come at a price but, with our online outlet, you can purchase from these brands when you may not have been able to previously. Whether down to cost or unawareness, you can open up a new fashion world.

Treasure hunting

Thrift shopping has soared in popularity over the last decade - we love treasure hunting for unexpected goodies. But, there’s nothing more frustrating than discovering a piece only to find it isn’t in your size. Buying from a high street brands outlet, you can eliminate this risk almost entirely. 

With exclusive labels partnering with us here at Quality Brands Outlet, you can search and filter to ensure you are only shown items that are in your size - and most importantly, are in stock. It’s difficult to not find an item that’s perfect for you! Plus, you can rest assured that the items sent to you are of the highest quality - new out of the box and worn only by you. 

Buying from a high street brands outlet

Free delivery 

When you shop online, it’s easy to add a few items to your basket only to get to checkout to see you have to pay for delivery. We’re sure you’ve abandoned your cart on more than one occasion due to this additional expense! 

Buying from a high street brands outlet, we don’t want your savings to stop at just clothing items. That’s why we also offer you free delivery on any amount. Whilst many online retailers force you to pay if the summary of your basket is under a certain amount, we wanted to be different. Often, buyers think delivery is where outlets can recoup their prices but that’s certainly not the case - and, it’s why we’re committed to always offering free delivery, no matter the value of your items. 

In a rush? Not to worry, all our items are delivered with a 48-hour service so those last-minute buys for a special occasion can land on your doorstep in the nick of time.

All in one place

Rummaging through shop after shop or site after site can be draining. Especially, if you are struggling to find a piece you truly love or, an item in stock. We know shopping can be a relentless experience and in reality, you just want a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs.

That’s where buying from a high street brands outlet (just like us) comes into play! You can avoid running around trying to find that one perfect piece as all our items are in one place. It’s a piece of cake. 

Looking for one specific item? We can help you there too! By simply searching for a particular term, filtering or browsing a specific category, you can narrow down your search to discover clothing relevant to your unique style. Of course, online shopping can sometimes feel overwhelming with hundreds of search results flooding your screen. But, with our simple-to-use website and exclusive, hand-picked selection of garments, you are shown quality items that can help you build a timeless wardrobe, filled with unique discounted items. 

It’s not just women’s clothing!

It’s an all too common misconception that high street outlets only offer women’s clothing and therefore, many are missing out on major savings. Of course, women’s fashion is an element of our website but you can grab other bargains too. If you are avoiding online outlet’s due to this misconception, try browsing our range today. 

Men’s, kids, homeware and gifts - there really is something for everyone online. You’d be foolish to not browse our online outlet collection, whatever your requirement. Perhaps you’ll find a new duvet set, jewellery set for your friend’s birthday and a little treat for yourself too!

Buying from a high street brands outlet: What are you waiting for? 

Shopping from an outlet might not have been your first thought, but when you learn of these benefits it becomes a no brainer. You can make major savings with famous high street labels and refresh your wardrobe with fashion brands you may have previously overlooked. It couldn’t be easier with our fantastic deals collated on our website - all you have to do is get treasure hunting!

Our team here at Quality Brand Outlet are dedicated to you as the customer, delivering exceptional service time and again. We want you to walk away feeling great about your new purchase - ready to flaunt your new outfit.

Our clothing comes from overbought, excess and overproduced stocks from the original brands, retailers and specialist clothing factory's around the world. Working with the original brands and their factories means we only sell 100% genuine original branded products. 

Shop the quality brands you love, for less today. Browse our wide selection here or get in contact with our team for more information and support. 

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Happy shopping!