Our Top Picks You need To Grab When New Years Sales Shopping

Our Top Picks You need To Grab When New Years Sales Shopping - Quality Brands Outlet

With 2022 right around the corner, it is almost time to take advantage of the post-Christmas discounts and gifted store vouchers from the weeks before! But before you start diving into New Years sales shopping you need an idea of what the best items are to snap up. 

We will be looking into spring before we know it, so our chunky knits and scarves might not be going away just yet, however, it could be a good idea to take a look at the new trends going into 2022. 

Even with London fashion week over a month in the past, we can use inspiration from the styling and other events we saw in 2021 to predict what’s going to be out on the high street this Spring. 

From this, we can piece together some of our own products from your favourite brands and begin to bulk out your wardrobe while making the most of the post-Christmas discounts! Many of us will be a bit light in the wallet department until pay-day, so it is important we can still enjoy the season no matter what.

Vibrant Colours

You can be sure to see plenty of colours and even some neon making an appearance in 2022. It is actually great timing because after the winter months I’m sure we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up. Vibrant clothing allows people to really express themselves and can be uplifting even to people around you! But if you are looking for something that’s not quite as obvious, you can pair brighter accessories with a more mellow outfit, or just add hints of colour here and there.

Moving into the spring and summer, yellows and oranges are going to be a fashion favourite. Think almost neon - sunshine yellow and you’re spot on. It could be a great alternative to whites and creams so when you hit the new year’s sales shopping - don’t forget to pick up a nice bit of colour. 

This linen dress from FatFace will be a perfect addition to brighten up your wardrobe and get you ready for the warmer weather. Down to £27.50, you could be saving yourself almost £22 on this designer dress from Quality Brands Outlet. It is a gorgeous colour and could be paired with anything from wedges to trainers. 

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‘Check’ It Out…

Excuse the pun, but you’re still going to be seeing check patterns and gingham out and about in 2022. It’s a trend we see come and go - usually in the cooler seasons but this year it’s all about the plaid patterns. 

This style can easily turn a simple outfit into something stylish and trendy. For example, throw on an oversized chequered shirt and you’ve just ramped up any plain old t-shirt or pair of blue jeans to a brunch outfit. Even using them as an accessory to tie around your waist or opting for the checked shackets can enhance your look effortlessly.

On the other hand, an already smart alternative is to pair your tops with a sleek pair of tartan trousers like these from our M&S collection. They’re simple, but can add some class to an office outfit or set you up for a night out with the girls. As they are mid-rise, you will be comfortable and set for any event, dressed up or down. 

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Starting off 2022 - many of us will have resolutions surrounding work and our careers. In light of this, a pair of tartan trousers could kickstart your push to travel into the office more or suit you up ready for those first interviews! Anyone can pull off the check pattern and it makes for a great addition to your wardrobe.

Wedding Vibes

As strange as it may sound for winter/spring and contrary to what we said above - white is also going to be a popular colour choice in 2022. New Year's sales shopping is going to be overwhelmed by all-white outfit choices and particularly bold, white statement pieces. This means that not only should you be looking out for vibrant colours to add to your wardrobe - but your staple white items will be making an appearance.

As we walk slowly through spring and into the summer, white can become more popular as it is often paired with light and cool fabrics. However, even when you’re still looking to wrap up a bit - we can offer some trendy outfit choices including this Joules Oxford shirt. Paired with some tan chinos and brown shoes - you’ve got yourself a warm and practical, yet summery look. 

For the ladies, trade your black winter jeans for this white pair by FatFace and you’ll be well on your way. Why not add an oversized white shirt or chunky knit to finish it off and really embrace the wedding-esque vibe of all white while staying toasty on those cold nights. 

Or if you’re looking for some extra essentials to build up your wardrobe, this long sleeve top will do the trick. It’s crucial to have a few things that will help you get through the whole year, and especially when they are white - you can pair them with almost anything! Add some long and short sleeve tees into the mix and you’ve got a backup for any outfit option. (It doesn’t have to be white - so take a look at the other options we have too!)

Oversized and Cosy

What’s more comfortable than a good oversized shirt, jacket or jumper? They’ve been in style now for a few seasons and people are starting to pair them with different outfits. If you’re one that watched the catwalks and fashions shows, you will have seen a host of designers and models sporting some sort of oversized pieces recently. It’s a trend that we are happy to see more of - especially while it’s still a little chilly out!

It also gives you plenty of room for layering which has been all the rage lately. Cosy up with some amazing T-shirts or blouses beneath oversized cardigans, jackets and coats for a chic and stylish look. 

Take this on board with our previous must-have of tartan or checked items to pull off the perfect winter-walk outfit. Oversized plaid shirts are a must for New Years sales shopping and come in all sorts of colours to match any accessories. 

Similarly, this oversized scarf from Joules will fit nicely with a big and comfy knit jumper or finish off your oversized shirt and jeans look this season. The colours work perfectly for autumn, winter and spring and could even be used as a wrap for those chillier nights in summer when you’re out and about. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Add all the creativity and personality you want, after all, they do say go big or go home!

Slouchy Trousers

When we talk about oversized, you’re not quite done with shirts and jackets. What about some seriously comfortable, super stylish slouchy trousers? Wide leg trousers are a great style choice for any season and will make up an essential part of your wardrobe. In our sales, you could be looking to save over £30 on slouchy and other cut trousers such as these.

Give your legs a breather and step away from the skinny jeans for a while… These culottes from Jack Wills are cropped and make a great statement on their own. They are really flattering and offer a great silhouette to pair with any top or blouse. Finished off with a tied belt - you can add your own flair with a pop of colour or pattern on the top. 

While we’re talking oversized - although slouchy trousers are definitely a must-have for 2022, they wouldn’t be complete with an oversized jacket. This means you should definitely take some tips from the previous sections and you will have an amazing outfit for the new year!

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Hit The New Years Sales Shopping With Quality Brands Outlet

If you’re looking for a stylish bargain and plenty of choice in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many new trends hitting the high street and we want you to be ready to try them out. Plus, we offer some fantastic discounts on all your favourite brands that you’re not going to find anywhere else!

It’s going to be all about colour next year and feeling good about yourself. Whatever you decide to take on board from this article, make sure you are comfortable and ready for any occasion. Fashion is adaptive and all these suggestions are versatile. So have fun with it and we will be right here waiting to help. 

We’re delighted to be able to bring our customers items for top retailers but for a snippet of the original price. You don’t have to fear spending hundreds on a trend, you can simply see if it’s for you and experiment with your look. After all, that’s what fashion is all about! Choose items you love and see what feel-good outfits you can come up with. You’ll be amazed at the savings you can make whilst still shopping for the latest trends!

Shop the quality brands you love, for less today. Browse our wide selection here or get in contact with our team for more information and support. 

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Happy Shopping!