High Street Winter Fashion 2021: What Is Missing From Your Wardrobe?

High Street Winter Fashion 2021: What Is Missing From Your Wardrobe? - Quality Brands Outlet

Are you struggling with your winter wardrobe? With such a poor excuse for summer this year, it is understandable that you might be reluctant to put away the shorts and dresses. But when we dive into high street winter fashion 2021 - you might have a change of heart.

It is time to indulge in the cosy season and pull out those chunky knits once again. Now that we’re out and about more and looking forward to events, we need something stylish to keep us wrapped up warm this season. Luckily for you, this year’s style choices are making up for what we’ve missed. 

From the runways to shop fronts and TikTok influencers, there certainly isn’t a shortage of inspiration out there. The hardest part is knowing what’s on offer and finding things that suit your style! We have put together this list of must-haves for the season, but don’t forget - you can accessorise and style anything however you like.

Quilted Jackets

A common issue many of us have with coats is wanting to buy something that will last more than one winter, but also something that won’t go out of style. This year, we have been lucky in that quilted jackets are back for high street winter fashion 2021. They provide a classic look that will keep you warm and trendy!

Not only are they back in season, but they are incredibly practical. A little sleeker than your average puffer jacket, they offer a versatile style that can be dressed up or down. Both men’s and women’s quilted jackets can be found in a variety of colours and patterns, so you’ll be set for every occasion this winter! 

If you want to feel like you’re still wrapped up warm in bed, but able to be out and about enjoying the festive lights and markets - this is definitely a must-have for your wardrobe. It allows you to chop and change between thinner cardigans and cosy coats depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

Slouchy Denim

Let’s be honest, denim never really goes out of style. It is something you can pair with many other pieces and look fantastic. Whether you’re going out-out or looking for a staple wardrobe essential, denim will be your best friend. 

When it comes to the colder seasons, you can use denim to your advantage and turn great summer styles into winter-ready outfits. Our denim blue jumpsuit adds that air of spring but promises to keep you warm with its long sleeves and wide-leg, slouchy feel. We all want to feel as comfy as possible, so looser fitting styles will help achieve that. 

Not only that but a classic denim jacket pairs well with almost any outfit. There are tonnes of colours, designs and patterns to choose from that will complete your wardrobe this season. You don’t need to stick to jeans - slouchy denim comes in plenty of forms and is versatile enough to be worn all year round. This, along with our reduced prices on your favourite brands means you could be saving money on a cohesive wardrobe. 

Chunky Knit Jumpers And Cardigans

A classic that takes pride of place in many of our personal winter collections. With their added texture and amazingly comfortable fabrics - you can’t go wrong with a cosy, chunky knit. 

high street winter fashion 2021

Men and women will both find a lot of the traditional crew-neck styles out and about which can be layered with gorgeous scarves and jackets to create a warm and stylish look. With shirt-dressing becoming another trend this year - pairing a crew neck cable knit with a plain collared shirt can create a more formal, dressy look for those wanting to change up their style. 

If you’re looking for something with a bit more depth, you could opt for a well-loved roll neck. These add an extra layer of warmth and sophistication that can change up a casual outfit. We’ve even been seeing roll-necks under suit jackets for an even more formal approach that’s better suited for this season’s events. 

Got an office event coming up? Looking forward to a Christmas party? Or just chilling at home? No matter what you’re up to, add a cable knit to your wardrobe and ensure you have something to fall back on if you’re out of inspiration. There are plenty of trends and ways to style your jumpers, just check out this blog for more ideas.

Soft & Cosy Scarves

At this time of year, we are already reaching for the scarves, hats and gloves! Not only are they the best way to keep yourself warm and cosy, but our scarves are essential to finish off any winter outfit! You can go big and chunky for the dark and chilly evening events, or stick to a classic tassel scarf for a bit more of a style statement. If the latter is more your thing, take a look at this gorgeous White Stuff piece with a pineapple print and the ability to keep you comfortable all day long.

Alternatively, opting for a square scarf makes them really versatile and could be doubled up as a pashmina for when you need to snuggle in and wrap up warm. Something like this from Joules Heyford would add a beautiful pop of colour and could be worn however you like. 

high street winter fashion 2021

The oversized style seems to come back around every season and so this would be great to keep away in your wardrobe for autumn too. Simple patterns like a check or tartan pair nicely with a quilted jacket like we mentioned above and can always double as a blanket if needed!

Chunky Boots

This trend isn’t going anywhere just yet. Reminiscent of the 90s grunge look, they can be paired with your most feminine floral dress or an everyday jeans and jumper look. Whatever you choose to pair them with, you can be sure to make a statement. 

They offer great contrast when wearing chunky boots with a softer, more subtle piece on top. It creates an androgynous and bold style that is really popular at the moment. Many of us can get stuck for winter shoe options, but being so versatile, they offer you an easy way out when in a rush or stuck for ideas. 

While there are things coming back around from previous years, high street winter fashion 2021 is definitely going to be making up for all we lost in 2020. Chunky boots and practical outfit choices are key for enjoying the outside and staying cosy in the cold weather. With so many markets, events and shows - styles like this one will get you through the whole season.

Not only that, but they can see you into next year too. Your wardrobe will be thanking you for all the staple favourites as well as the fresh looks. Keep your feet toasty and complete any outfit with some chunky boots. 


When you’re in doubt about an outfit - grab some stripes! Flattering and aesthetically pleasing, they are definitely in season and our winter favourites are striped jumpers and dresses

While vertical stripes have always been popular due to their slimming properties, they have become popular in all styles from trousers to accessories. Even way in the past, men have been wearing striped ties to create the illusion of power and status in business. There are so many reasons designers have chosen to use stripes over the years and 2021 is no different!

Pair this trend with others we have mentioned to really complete your look this season. Striped jumpers are perfect cosy, casual attire that can be worn around the house or out and about. 

But if you’re wanting to dress it up a bit, why not go for a striped maxi dress or a button-up shirt? Pinstripes are a timeless classic and bring some texture to formal suits. Similarly, just because it’s not summer anymore - don’t shy away from dresses. Put some tights underneath and throw on a jacket and you’re ready to go!

High Street Winter Fashion 2021 From Quality Brands Outlet

Whether you’re planning on getting out and about or staying home in the warm, this year’s trends are set to get you ready for any eventuality. While we know you need to stay warm, it is important you can still feel your best each day. So make the most of our freedom this season and liven up your wardrobe with some quality pieces! 

At Quality Brands Outlet, we’re delighted to be able to bring our customers items for top retailers but for a snippet of the original price. You don’t have to fear spending hundreds on a trend, you can simply see if it’s for you and experiment with your look. After all, that’s what fashion is all about! Choose items you love and see what feel-good outfits you can come up with. You’ll be amazed at the savings you can make whilst still shopping for the latest trends!

Shop the quality brands you love, for less today. Browse our wide selection here or get in contact with our team for more information and support. 

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